(CFI) Academy

I had notice about (CFI) Academy location doesn’t exist in my hometown (New York) but the Multi-Engine location does. So I was just wondering, would it be possible for to get my Multi-Engine Add-Ons than work to be (CFI). But then if I don’t have a (CFI) Academy at the program I’m attending, how do I still go about the “Guaranteed Instructor Job” that promised"?

They’ll send you to a location with a CFI academy for that portion of the training. Most likely Jacksonville or Daytona in your case, I believe.

After you complete the CFI portion and are offered a position, they’ll provide you a list of 10-15 training locations for you to choose to instruct at. Unfortunately you’re not guaranteed a position at the location you conducted your training.

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Im glad housing in those locations is available for Career Pilot Students, But thank you appreciate your help! :smiley:

If you have enough time between your comm single checkride, and your CFI class start date, they sometimes let you do the comm-multi as long as you can get all of that done in time. Then you’ll do CFI class, get your CFI and CFII, then roll into multi crew and then MEI.

That’s what one of my friends did at least

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How does the housing arrangement work? Would you all recommend subletting somewhere instead? I am aware that we still need to take out additional loans/pay out of pocket for the housing.

Also, Maurice! I am in the same boat as you and am from NY!

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Totally your call. ATP offers housing at most of its locations for a reasonable rate. It’s shared and it’s great for camaraderie and study groups. Others prefer to live alone or with family. Whatever works best for you.



ATP will send you to one of the locations with the CFI Academy when it is your time for such training. They will put you up in housing while you are at that location. In other words, all students go through the exact same program, some just need to go to another location for CFI training (at ATP’s expense).

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Thanks … this gave me a better knowledge on the topic I was confused on! Thanks again for everyone participation’s :grin:

Bit more recent information perhaps; Once you finish your Commercial Single engine cert you will be entered into CFI academy (Provided you’ve taken your writtens, which you should get done sooner rather than later…trust me) and you will go through and take your CFI/II. Once you pass those you will get your Commercial Multi add-on and your MEI add-on. You can opt-out of CFI and go straight from Comm Single to Comm Multi, but i wouldn’t recommend it as CFI is honestly the best way to build time.