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Hey y’all, last night (5-19-23) I was reading a post on a page on FB, but I can no longer find it. The poster was complaining about a lot of things with ATP. He said he was former military & law enforcement and implied he was a Marine. A lot of his complaints seemed like he was a difficult person to be around.

I’m a little sus on his military & LE experience based on his profile pic and being easily offended by joking around during downtime and “ego” of his CFI.

So long story short, I keep seeing that there is a lot of homework and self study from ATP. What is considered a lot of homework. I currently work a 4-10 hour shift work week, so what is typical of an ATP student workload per week?

Is CFI swapping easy to do for compatibility reasons?


There’s basically 2 types of ATP students. Those that are successful and go on to careers at the airlines, and those who can’t cut it and blame EVERYTHING on everyone but themselves.

That said ATP is not your average flight school and it’s definitely not for everyone. ATP was created by airline pilots to train airline pilots. It requires a tremendous amount of self study and dedication. If you’re looking to be “spoon fed” or for ATP to make you a pilot you’ll be very disappointed. Why does ATP train like this? Because that’s the way the airlines train and ATP is preparing you for that environment. Those who aren’t ready or can’t keep up blame ATP.

With all the above in mind, there are times when personalities clash so yes it is possible to change instructors (but not for giving you homework or expecting you to study).

As for the daily schedule, please visit the student experience section of the forum for multiple posts on the subject.



This is the hotel room I’m living in for most of 1.5 months during training at United. In 2022 I did the same thing for Spirit, in 2019 the same for SkyWest, and in 2017 this is what my computer desk looked like for that year.

Class/Sim days I get about 1-3hrs including dinner to relax. Weekends I’ll study 2-4hrs so the rest of time is mine.

It’s sink or swim and that’s what ATP introduces you to.

Chris F

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Sadly it seems there are plenty of naysayers for APT, which I’d guess a majority of them were seeking a daily participation award just for showing up. :slight_smile:

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There are not I’m not sure it’s sad. You get out of ATP what you put into it.



Please check out the “Student Experiences” section on this forum. We do not edit that and you will find far more accurate assessments in that section than from anonymous keyboard warrior on the internet.



The negative attitudes about ATP are the ones that probably came to lessons not prepared and/or failed a checkride due to lack of discipline, preparation and self-responsibility. Like Chris, I recommend checking out the Student Experiences section for firsthand accounts of ATP.

What you put into anything is what you get in return. Come prepared with a positive attitude and you will receive what you deserve.


I definitely have checked that out and I do not see anything that is concerning. You are absolutely right on the keyboard warrior’s post on FB. THANKS!


If you’ve ever read yelp reviews you’ll see a trend that people with negative experiences are more likely to leave a seething review. Those that are happy keep going back and share with their friends. See the difference?

Just show up with a great attitude, don’t be afraid to work hard and you’ll do well.


Cool, yeah I’ve pretty much dismissed that negative FB post as rubbish. There were a few other things about the profile and what was written that seemed a little nonsensical. As ya know, the price to fly is steep, so I’m just trying to do as much of my research to make sure I don’t avoid a costly mistake. I’m looking forward to starting next year. It’s a hurry up and wait situation. :slight_smile: