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Hello, my name is Zach. I’m 18 years old and am currently working on my private pilot at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I have already been offered a job next summer flying for a small corporate company after i get my commercial license. Typically, students come back and work as a CFI here on campus, I’m assuming to gain hours? If I end up flying enough with my corporate job that I don’t need anymore hours, would it still be worth it to pursue becoming a CFI?


First I’m surprised you’re not asking the folks at ER that question?

Personally I don’t believe there’s any better way to build EXPERIENCE (vs flight time) than flight instructing. Teaching forces you to be sharp and hone your skills. That said the choice is yours. Are you looking to build hours or experience?


Essentially I’m looking to do both, get hours and eexperience. I have asked my flight instructor here at ER I just like to get second and third opinions

I am with Adam, there is no better way to build knowledge and experience than flight instructing. I bet you won’t learn much in the right seat of that corporate airplane.


What kind of corporate job is it? Will you get to fly? Or are you there to manage the radios and navigation?


Yes I will get to fly. I’ll start off flying barons and then they’ll type rate me to fly phenom 300’s.

If you are flying in the right seat of that Baron, the time is not legally able to be logged. I don’t care what trick they have to claim it can be logged, it can’t be unless you are in the left seat and are the person that is the final responsibility for that aircraft.

Chris is right. A Baron isn’t classified as an aircraft requiring two pilots. Did they say how long it would take to get typed in the Phenom?


As a CFI, teaching everything from private, instrument, commercial, and new CFIs, we are constantly having to study and prepare lessons for our students. We are also doing private and commercial manuvers, flying in actual imc and doing approaches every week. We use all of our skills consistently and are really able to fine tune it. Also, it’s not hard to get 80-100 hours a month with the student load we currently have. I couldn’t see myself learning more flying jets at the moment. I also couldn’t see myself building time any faster.

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Noni don’t have a timeline for that yet

I would certainly want a timeline before committing to anything.