CFI Job - Immediacy? Relocation? Qualifications?

I have some personal and general questions about the guaranteed CFI job through ATP. I start flight school at ATP in the next month and will finish around early summer. I will also be getting married after I finish and I was wondering if there would be enough time to have a wedding and a honeymoon before CFI training. Who will determine the start date for CFI training?

Furthermore, I’m not sure about what qualifications are needed for the ATP CFI job.

My last question is whether or not I or ATP will choose my CFI job location.

Thanks for the help!

Aaron -

If you need time off prior to CFI school you will need to withdraw from training and return to CFI school within 2 years and pay the CFI school alumni rate (you will receive a refund for CFI training if you opt out).

If you need time off prior to Standards training you can take a week between CFI school and Standards training.

Hope this helps!


The qualifications needed for the guaranteed CFI job is successful completion of the Airline Career Pilot Program. In other words, you need to have graduated from ATP with all of your licenses.

When you are offered a position with ATP, you will be given the choice of several locations to chose from. You can accept one of those locations or pass on the job. You can of course ask for a transfer later if you have a compelling reason to change locations.