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CFI request to change locations

I am very interested in becoming an airline pilot and I am strongly considering ATP. I know they guarantee a CFI job after program completion but I understand that the job will be wherever the position is available. I live in Houston and would like to stay in Houston so my question is if I am based elsewhere, are request for change of location a possibility?

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Yes, you can request a change of location, but there is no guarantee that the company will be able to honor your request as it is all based on how busy each training center is.




Hello Chris,
I am 28 years old and happily married and no kids. I am currently a middle school teacher but I’ve always been in love with aviation. I started flight school right after I graduated high school but due to financial restrictions, I choose the traditional 4 year college degree plan and graduated top 10% with a Bachelors of Scince degree. Prior to teaching, I worked at NASA as a contract specialist for International Space Station (ISS). I am looking to apply this January and possibly start after school is over in June. My only wish is to stay in Houston during CFI.
My understanding is that ATP will give you options as to where CFI can be completed. Is this so? Will they work with students to place them near their hometown?


I am not sure if you are asking about where your CFI training will be completed, or where you will flight instruct, I am assuming that you are asking about flight instructing.

ATP will ask for your top three locations to instruct at and will then try to get you as close to your choice as possible. From there they will try to get you to your location of choice if a position opens up, but there is no guarantee. I would think that Houston would be relatively easy to get to, but can’t say that with any certainty.

Keep in mind that you could always instruct for a local school in Houston after completing your training.


Yes I meant flight instruct. Sorry about the confusion.

That’s okay, I figured that was what you meant.