CFI School Housing and Pets


I am pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but I couldn’t find it addressed elsewhere in the postings so I thought I’d ask to make sure.

I have a smallish (35lbs), friendly, hound mix dog. I have read that housing is provided for the 2 months of CFI training. I was wondering if I can bring him to the housing that is provided by ATP or if I will need to find somewhere else to stay while I am going through the CFI training.

Though I plan on renting a small apartment near my ATP location, I am also curious as to what the pet policy is in the regular ATP housing? I’m assuming it’s a straight forward “no pets”, but I thought I’d ask as I doubt I’m the only person with that question.

Thank you for you help!

There are no pets of any sort allowed in ATP housing.


Your assumptions are correct. NO PETS. Period, no exceptions. ATP housing is shared and it’s not fair to impose you pet on others who may be allergic, have phobias or simply don’t like dogs.


Chris and Adam,

Thank you for your replies! I was unable to find the answer from other posts and appreciate you taking the time to address my question.