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CFI Training

Hello, is the CFI school part of the nine month program or does it take place after the nine months are completed?



CFI school is part of the nine month program.


Hello Tyler,

CFI school is part of the 9 month program. The current locations for CFI
school are Jacksonville, Atlanta and North Las Vegas. Airfare to/from and
housing during CFI school is included in the tuition.


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Okay, Just wanted to make sure that additional finances wouldn’t be needed on top of the loan in order to pay for bills and such while at CFI school.

Thank you both.


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Do you have to know anything to enroll in the ATP 9 month program?


First you need to KNOW you want to be a professional pilot. You also have to have taken at least 1 intro flight or flight lesson but other than that you just need to satisfy the remaining qualifications. You must either have your Private Pilot’ license OR 2yrs college degree (or 60 credits) OR equivalent work experience and obtain a First Class medical. Beyond that there’s nothing else you need to know. Oh except you also need to KNOW where to find the money for training :slight_smile:


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“Anything” is a pretty nebulous word, but you do not need to have any prior aviation knowledge.