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CFI workload

Hello all, I’m wondering if the CFI’s at ATP are only limited to one student at a time? And are they usually there at the airport all day long?

Thanks, Jesse


CfIs at ATP are not limited to only one student, but they only work with a small few at a time. Generally speaking CFIs have two students at a time, but there are of course instances where one instructor fills in for another. CFIs can plan on being at the airport all day and well into the evening on some nights, it is a full time job.



It also very much depends on the CFI. Chris is right that the average student load is around 2 most of the time. I personally tried to work with 3 full time students at any given time. There were even periods that I had as much as 8 students and I was flying 6-8 hours a day for weeks, of course that was a special case when we were a little short on instructors.


Thanks guys!