Chances of admission?

I’m currently at uni finishing my 4 year degree since I’ve been told it will help get me hired and into a program.
Am I sure to get accepted into a training program just because I have a bachelor’s?


There is no Federal education requirement to get pilot certificates. Some flight schools require HS diploma and prefer some college to enroll. ATP is one of them since it’s focus is becoming an airline pilot.

A 4 year degree with good GPA gives you more standing when applying to Major airlines.

What matters to flight schools is good study habits and availability.

Chris F


Absolutely not. There are no guarantees in this industry. A degree will simply help you be more competitive.



At the bottom of ATP’s prerequisites, there is a note:

“Note that admission to ATP is extremely competitive, and meeting the criteria above does not guarantee acceptance.”

Having a degree will have already helped you as you will know your study habits and techniques that can be used in your training environment, learning habits.



Aside from meeting the prerequisites for the program and doing well on a discovery flight, you should get approved for the ATP program if approved for financing. After that, your future is in your hands. Do well throughout the program, no accident, incidents, good work history and a degree? Sure, that’s a great place to start and you could get hired without a problem. But how well do you interview? How detailed is your logbook? How organized are your records?

Lots of hiring is taking place right now but you still have to be a qualified strong candidate and there are no guarantees. I flew with a bunch of captains while at SkyWest that interviewed at multiple majors and still have no luck. Others are getting hired straight out of the right seat. You just need to make yourself the best candidate with what’s in your control.