Change my career to be pilot

Good morning,

I’m currently a diplomat, have been working for 12 years in government service, currently in Tokyo and one year left to finish my mission.

I’m thinking of going next year to Florida to get my ATPL license, there is academy called aerocadet, do you know anything about it ? Where is good place to get my pilot training in US?

Also what are the qualifications to be good pilot? Given changing my career I want make sure that aviation is good for me? Also is it challenging for women to get pilot job?

Btw aerocadet academy will provide me atpl license and 1500 hours of flight training,


I’m not familiar with Aerocadet but I can 100% promise you they will not provide 1500hrs of training. No one can. Flight schools train you for your licenses and ratings, it’s up to YOU to build the required hours by instructing or in some other entry level position.

It’s not challenging at all for women to become pilots (some would argue it’s easier) so you can forget that. To be a good a successful pilot you need to be willing to work very hard and remain calm when things get stressful. You also need to be comfortable in the training environment (ie, a small training airplane). While many people think they want to fly, if you’ve never day upfront at the controls of this kind of airplane this entire conversation is moot. Before you do anything else you need to go for a intro flight or lesson (or 3) and see if it’s something you really want to pursue.



Like Adam, I’ve never heard of Aerocadet and I had to even look it up to see that they’re a smaller-scale flight school in Florida. To me, the website contains TOO much information, I couldn’t even find their history/facts as I love statistics. Take a look at ATP’s website which is way more professional and organized, then view Aerocadet.

I’m not sure how they will provide you an ATP-L because they surely are not going to pay you to skip around the continental U.S. in a Diamond aircraft. Unless they’re providing some sort of “false” advertising by not informing you that you are going to have to INSTRUCT and then still pass the ATM AKT (Airline Transport Multiengine Airman Knowledge Test) AND obtain the ATP-CTP in hand AND get hired by an airline AND pass their training (whether AQP or ‘standard’).

You seem dead set on becoming a pilot, but the question that needs to be asked is, have you flown in a small trainer before? Have you taken any introductory flights and/or training under your belt? No simulators like Microsoft Sim or X-Plane do not count.


Good evening,

I’m a 37 year old male with a bachelors degree in business administration. When i graduated college I wanted to go to officer candidates school and hopefully get selected for pilot training but my family has a law firm with my father and sister as attorneys.
I never wanted to attend law school after seeing how stressful it is but I was offered a good package salary and benefits to stay in the family business and become a paralegal and law clerk as well as being the primary contact for clients. Now all of a sudden over 10 years have past and I am making a move to do what I want to really do with my life which is be a commercial pilot. My father has been a private pilot since he was young and still has his King Air although he says he’s getting to the age where he needs to stop flying so I guess that’s where I get my love to fly as he would always let me ride up front and hold the controls even when i was young.

My question is one about my age. I still feel 21 but i’m 37 and have a great work ethic and have the financing to pay for my training so I have no issues there. Will be being 37 deter ATP from admitting me? Also what percent of ATP graduates are offered CFI jobs with the company after completion of the 7 month course? I plan to go all the way to 1500 hours instructing hopefully for ATP and then to the regionals. My dream is to fly the 777 or A350 on long haul flights one day down the road after i’ve put in my time with the lower ranks. I hope to start at ATP within 6 months maximum but I might be entering with my private pilot as I already started to secure my PPL at a local flight school. So after all that, my age is my worry. I will get a first class medical evaluation in about 7 weeks so I’ll have that done as well. I just want to know if my age is an issue for ATP. Thanks for your help!


Short answer is no (not sure why you think it would?). The average age most pilots start training is 33, so you’re really not that far off. Further, if the legislation passes to raise the age to 67, you’re looking at a 28yr career at the airlines which is plenty of time to reach your goals (I actually started at 39, LONG before the pilot shortage when career progression was much slower and I’m a Capt and Check Airman for a Major). I couldn’t tell you the actual percentage of those offered CFI slots, what I can tell you is with 80+ locations there’s always demand. Do well in the program and conduct yourself like a professional and you will be offered a position.

Btw, If you’re looking to start in the next 6mos however I suggest your start the application process NOW. Available slots full up fast and you want to lock in a location and start date sooner than later.



You’ve got plenty of time to have a fulfilling career. If you do well in the program, you should have no issues getting a job as a CFI with ATP. Just treat the program as a 5 month job interview. Just keep in mind, the location you get might not be the same location you did you training at or even locally. The available locations all come down to a little luck and timing.

Like Adam mentioned, if your plan is to start in the next 6 months you need to start the enrollment steps ASAP. It’s a bit of a process to get a start date scheduled. I’ll post the link below:


Thanks for the help that makes me feel so much better knowing you started at 39 and made it to the big boys. I’m not worried about the work or being professional, I’ve already got those things down thankfully but I was more worried because I see a lot of very young kids starting even without college degrees now. My worry was they would get priority just because they have more time to give being younger than I am. United Aviate’s program for one seem to really prefer younger people and minorities and women just based on my research which I think is a great thing, just not for me haha. I’m from Louisiana and see there is a relatively new ATP location in Baton Rouge but I will go literally wherever ATP tells me to go. I actually thought about finding a school in the mountains so I can get that experience while i’m at it. Maybe Utah or Colorado. I will get on it though thanks for the heads up about it taking time to get a spot sometimes. I just wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row before i went to ATP because as we all know, first impressions are everything in life.


United’s Aviate program is a great initiative to reach younger, more diverse applicants. The thing is they have yet to produce a single airline pilot and more important, it on no way can create the number of pilots UA needs let alone all the airlines in the US. The program is more about UAs branding and marketing than anything else.

As for location you should choose the one that works best for you. I really wouldn’t concern yourself with trying to get mountainous terrain expience etc at this stage. At this point you simply need to learn to fly.