Changing Flight School

I have 55 hours hours have my first class medical already have my solo endorsement and ten night landings and take offs but one big problem I find myself spending 300-500 for every flight and I feel like my flight school is scamming me that would be a whole other story but I’m looking at another flight school that would cost much less but since it would be different aircraft is it worth it to change schools because all I really need to do is a couple solo hours my cross countrys and that’s it


I’m not sure where your training is being conducted nor type of aircraft, but training to be a pilot is not cheap. I don’t know the exact figure anymore what it is to train per hour at ATP, but $300 seems more reasonable than $500…unless it is a Cirrus aircraft you’re training in; I’ve seen hourly rates near $700 where I’m from. This is one of the biggest reasons we recommend that you find the best flight school and to do research before jumping into something that could end up costing you more than what it should.

Your statement, “I feel like my flight school is scamming me” raises an eyebrow because there are always two sides to every story. Without much context to the position you’re in, it seems like you should just stick it out and complete your PPL in the current aircraft/flight school since you’re well acquainted. You practically need the cross-country flight training and endorsement to then complete the 5 hours of solo cross-country training (within that parameter complete the 150 NM Solo XC) and then checkride prep hours before you are endorsed for a checkride. Would it really be reasonable to switch flight schools, aircraft and waste time for something you have already invested 95% in? The average completion of a Private Pilot License is around 60-70 hours.

If you desire to attend ATP after your PPL checkride, you must meet the prerequisites set by ATP: :point_down:t2:

Do know that most students that attend ATP have loans, ATP has a loan servicer - SallieMae, that provides loans for individuals looking to attend ATP. Finding a flight school that has loan servicers may help you if you’re not financially capable of making out of pocket payments.



At that rate you’re somewhere around $20k and still don’t have your PPL. If you think you’re being scammed you probably are (unless like Brady said you’re flying a Cirrus but then the question would be why get your PPL in a Cirrus?).

I don’t know what you’re goal is but if it’s to fly professionally, you really should consider cutting your losses and training full-time at a professional academy like ATP. Why? So you don’t continue down the path you’re on indefinitely.



Unfortunately your experience isn’t uncommon. There are some good local schools but the biggest complaint for students, no fixed timeline or hours to a certificate. The more you fly, the more money the school makes. It’s not in their best interest to get you done in a timely manner.

Since you’re rather close to meeting the Private requirements, I’d finish out there and then plan on making a change for the rest of your training. Luckily you can still qualify to start ATP Credit private if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing. (Just check the prerequisite Brady posted above.) The foundation of ATP is built on a fixed timeline, fixed budget training program with no surprises.


ATP would be happy to help you finish your PPL with their Private Pilot Finish-Up program. It is currently a 15 day course for $9,995. Pilot Flight Training Programs / ATP Flight School

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