Changing studies all together

Hi everyone. Just looking for some blunt answers. I’m 27yo with a BA in biology and here lately I’ve been constructing a couple of plans for paths that are possible for me. One of which is something that has sat in the back of my mind since I was a child but not really something I’ve been very confident in myself for doing because I hear it requires large amounts of math and physics. Just wanting to know your experiences and if you’d recommend pilot school during this economy and current situations. I’ve specifically been looking more into the commercial side of things but I see it requires more time (which I’m fine with) but the topic of seniority makes me question if my age matters at all? Anyway, any advice or opinions are welcomed, thanks!


I’m not quite sure if it’s a generational thing, but I’m confused why people in their 20’s think they’re too old for things? The fact is the average age for pilots to start training is 33 so your age is not a problem.

As for the pandemic this question is being asked daily. The short answer is obviously the pandemic will end at some point and those people that are trained will be in a good position for success once it does.

There are literally dozens of threads on both subjects. I recommend you take a read through and visit our FAQ section for answers to most common questions.



27 is in no way too old, in fact most pilots start at an even older age than that. Please check out the FAQ section as there is a detailed post on this topic.

As for training during Covid, I continue to think that now is a good time to begin working towards an airline career. The pandemic will eventually end, hopefully sooner rather than later and when it does, things will begin to return to normal. With hat normalcy will come a need for pilots. Those that train now and work on their qualifications will be best suited to enter the field, those that wait will be behind everybody that starts now.