Chasing the Green Slip

Hi, my boyfriend has been with a major 27 years. Came out of the Air Force. He remains an FO on the 757 and 767 by choice saying he can make more money using his seniority to get a green slip. Is there another plane he can move to as captain that will allow him as good or a better income? Would he have to go back to “school”? Thank you.


If your BF has been at a Major for 27 I’m quite certain he can upgrade if he chooses. I have no idea what things are like seniority wise at his particular airline or what aircraft are available again based on his seniority. Since it’s HE we’re talking about and since HE would know the situation at HIS airline better than any of us possibly could I suggest you ask HIM.



First, I have no idea what a “green slip” is.

Secondly, I would suggest that you ask your boyfriend this question as we have no idea what the situation at his airline is, surely he will.


I believe the “green slip” is the same as “greenbacks” aka: cash! :moneybag: :dollar:

Many things must be considered, money is one important factor. How many days must you work for said cash? What other benefits? Commuting? Overnights? Vacations? Personal time off? Fatigue policy?

No one answer fits all, and an individual changes over time. I.E. a young 20 something has no problem working hard to get hours, now a 50 something (ahhem…) may have much different focus, 401k, vacation, less days, etc.