Cheaper ways to earn hours?

Hi, so I have a long road to go, but I’m curious if there are really any other ways to earn hours besides at your school? Like let’s say I attend ATP flight school, but I find after awhile it is too expensive per hour of flight time. But I find an instructor outside of atp who is legally allowed to teach me, and offers flying way cheaper, allowing me to receive a few more hours per flight. I could have sworn I read about this somewhere, but don’t have any clarification on it.


ATPs is fixed and it’s a complete program where you’re required to have your financing in place prior to starting. There most certainly are less expensive routes out there but you need to know that seniority dictates everything at the airlines so the longer you delay (and you will) the more money you’re costing yourself in the long run. Further many pilots who train locally actually find training costs them much more in the long run do to the time involved and inconsistency.



I have heard stories about this from time to time, but never known anybody to actually complete all of their licenses this way.

Remember that most CFIs want to earn hours to get to the airlines and most CFIs cannot afford and do not have access to a small airplane. Those that do are probably working part time which means that you will be training part time.



There is nothing that says you can’t get training from as many flight instructors as you want. I don’t think ATP will modify the cost of the course if you get training in other places. To increase your hours, you could look at joining a flying club, or share time with other pilots.