Checkride Cost

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So I am in the process of setting up my monthly budget for when I am training. Is it realistic to think that about 4.5 months from training start (June 26th), I would be receiving a paycheck as an instructor? My main question however, has to do with check ride cost. I heard that check rides were running about $600 a piece now. My PPL was $500. Assuming no failures (in a perfect world), 7 check rides x $600 a piece is $4200. ATP says approximately $5800, starting with credit for private. If you do the math, 5800/7, that’s almost $850 a pop! Are the examiners are bringing up those rates? As always, thanks for the tips fellas.

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You should definitely be able to finish in 4.5 mos, probably less so you’re good on that. Unfortunately yes, examiner fees are in fact on the rise. The average apparently is $800 each with initial CFI’s going as high as $1000. The $5800 quoted by ATP is an accurate figure. I have a friend who’s an examiner and he makes considerably more than he does flying for a Major airline.


Do these examiners pocket all the cash from these fees or does a chunk of it go to the FAA?

Jeez I guess I got lucky paying $300 for my PPL…

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I believe(?) the examiners are independent contractors for the FAA and can charge what they like. From what I’ve read there’s actually a shortage of DE’s which is what’s driving up the cost.


Makes sense. I know there were some FAA changes that limit the amount of rides they can do in a given time period. They have to make up for it someway. Still though, it makes the thought of busting one even more horrific lol :smile:

Then don’t :slight_smile:

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Seems like a good way to make some cash in retirement? Haha

I think I am going to do some of this examiner stuff later on in life!

The going rate for DPE’s in Las Vegas (which is where you will likely do CFI training if you go to a west coast location) for initial CFI is $1000 and up.

Wow, top dollar stuff. How about the other Cfi addons? Any cheaper or do they run the same? I know the comm/ifr were running about $700.

The add-ons take significantly less time than the initial and are consequently less expensive, in general.