Choosing Location

I recently went on my admissions flight to the Kansas City location and had a few questions when it came to locations. I am from Nebraska and I recently saw that there is an Omaha location opening up in May and I was curious to see the thoughts of going to a brand new location.

When it comes to the Omaha location I would be able to live at home and only have an hour commute everyday and save some money and living fees.

Any other location I would have to move and find a place to live but the training center would not be on the first go around.

I am curious on what people think when it comes to enrolling into a training center that has just started up compared to one that has been around and if it can make a difference in the time frame and efficiency.


ATP has been training pilots for the airlines at locations across the US for over 35yrs! They have this down to a science and they strive to ensure ALL students receive the same quality of training and resources (instructors, airplanes, sims, etc) throughout their network of schools.

Long short choose the location that works best for YOU. In this case that sounds like Omaha.



As Adam said, ATP has now 80+ locations, more than twice as many when I attended in 2020.

We ALWAYS recommend attending the location that best fits YOU. Whether you would want to stay close to family or move to another location, only you will be able to make the best location decision. To me, I would take the hour commute and live at home, no variable expenses beside food and gas.