Civil Air Patrol

Hi All, I hope everyone is doing good,
I am currently enrolled in a Civil air patrol based out of my local airport, I have been with them for a couple of months now, but as of yet, we have covered nothing related to anything aviation. while the people there are really great it just seems that we are covering topics like vehicle testing or some basic search and rescue, and while those things are really cool I’m just not learning much that I am interested in.
So my question is should I continue going to this CAP location or should I try to get into a different location and see if they have a more aviation-minded program through CAP? I know a few people there and it’s where my EAA chapter meets at.


Also an update on school, I am almost done with my associate’s degree. I have just a semester or two left, I am majoring in GIS. after I get my bachelor’s I’m on to ATP!


Some CAP squadrons are definitely more aviation minded than others (usually those at or near airports). I’d speak to your squadron leader and ask if they plan any more aviation programs or if they know if you should look elsewhere. Either way there’s a ton of online coursework the CAP offers have you looked at any of that?



I will preface with with the fact that I have zero experience with the Civil Air Patrol. I will also say that I do not know any airline pilots that do either. While the CAP is a way to get some exposure to aviation, it is not in any way a path to the airlines. I personally would recommend that you spend your time focuses on your education, then move onto flight training full force.


If you’re not getting what you’re hoping to out of the location, absolutely go check out what the other location has to offer. Whatever you learn there is just extra to add to your aviation knowledge . But keep your main priority finishing college successfully and then started ATP after.


Thank you all for responding, I will definitely look into the other location to see if their group is different. Of course, I will continue to do well in college, but I wanted to get into aviation a bit more even if it is geared towards GA aircraft.
I have looked into some of the coursework, but haven’t had a chance to go thoroughly through the material, but I will definitely look more into that.