Class 1 Questions

What are the major things they are looking for during your class 1? What are some of the obvious disqualifiers? If you did have some sort of condition but it would in no way affect your ability to fly what would happen? Do they deny you and you have to submit more info? Do they have the ability to just pass you because it doesn’t affect you as a pilot at all? If they did deny you what are your options? And at that point do you deal straight with faa or the doctor always has final say?


Those are all questions to ask your medical examiner. I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I am still not up to answering MD questions :slight_smile:


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The FAA is most concerned with mental health, cardiovascular (heart), and neurological disorders. There are many medical conditions that may disqualify you from a 1st Class and limit you to a 3rd Class but the FAA has a process for allowing you to fly either by a special issuance medical certificate or a Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA). The FAA publishes AME Medical standards on their website:

Anything that will disqualify you is listed in the AME guide along with tolerance standards. Procedures for a special issuance or SODA are also detailed.

Most people will pass a 1st Class just fine (except for those suffering from one of the medical disqualifiers above) but if you suspect you may not, I would recommend calling a local AME first before making an appointment in person.

Here is another link to the FAA website listing FAQ’s on Pilot Medical Certification Questions:

I would strongly recommend against playing doctor Google here. The only real way to find out is to talk to a FAA doctor.

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