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Goodmorning, my name is Tyler Hirsch I live in phoenix , Arizona I am currently trying to figure out when the next upcoming classes begin. Im specifically looking for private license to start.


I’m guessing you haven’t called ATP admissions to ask, since they’re the people who actually know that information. I’d do that if I were you.


Welcome to the forum, let’s get right to your question. ATP class dates start every Monday, unless noted by Admissions due to volume of students. I believe scheduling is weeks out at this time, 60-60 days depending on location. ATP has two programs, Zero Time and Credit Private.

Your next part of “looking for private license to start,” I am going to assume from zero time. You will have to contact Admissions Monday through Friday (8am-9pm ET) at 904-595-7950 to schedule an Admissions Flight. The Admission Flight is one of the many prerequisites that you must have in order to attend ATP. See below screenshot I took from ATP’s website of prerequisites; you may also visit the website through the link below the screenshot.

For obtaining a FAA First Class Medical Certificate, you will need to fill out an application through the FAA MedXpress website. From there you will complete, print and take your application to the AME:

After completing your application there, you will need to find an AME nearest to you that can complete the medical examination. To find a nearest AME, you may travel to this link:



And just to be clear, ATP only offers 2 programs, one with your PPL included and one that starts off you have your PPL. You cannot go to ATP to just earn your PPL and then see if you want to continue or not.


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