Cleared of cancer and First Class Medical


I took my First Class medical for the first time in 10 years to hopefully go back to commercial flying. Seven years ago I had melanoma and it was taken care of and nothing has come of it since. The AME said they may not grant me the certificate or I may have to jump through hoops to get it. Are there any airline pilots out there that have had the similar issues and we’re still able to fly 121? Is flying for the regionals still a possibility?


I do know pilots who have come back from battling cancer. The bottomline is if you can get you First Class you’re fine but if you can’t you’re not. If your AME seems hesitant you may want to get a second opinion?



The medical requirements for the majors and the regionals are exactly the same, a First Class Medical. I have not heard of any pilots having melanoma, but that doesn’t mean much. My best advice is to work with your AME on this one and if you aren’t happy with him or her, find another one. Keep in mind that they do not actually make the decision, the FAA does.


Thanks for the replys. I have been cleared for 7 years More then likely I will just have to send documentation from the doctor to the FAA