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Closer than you think

What’s up ladies and gents!? Please forgive the fuzzy iPhone pic, but just wanted to share this moment I had in Everett today. I took this from inside the PAE terminal.

You guys are closer to the airlines than you think! In just a couple years, maybe less, that will be you, taxiing by an ATP plane, thinking to yourself, “(fill in the blank)!?”

Keep up the good work! And whoever was flying the Cessna at PAE today around 2:30p-3p today, TEXTBOOK soft-field takeoff!

Also, I’ll be in PAE tomorrow between 10a-12p. I MIGHT stop by the TC if I have time.

Good night everyone.



Thinking to myself, “Man, I made it.”


This is great Tory, thank you! I started with credit for private at TIW earlier this month. Tons of information to learn and absorb, but I’m having a blast so far!

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Awesome full circle picture!

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We can all relate. That’s why I posted this. It’s hard to see the end in site when you’re dug in. I know it’s hard, but try to have as much fun as you can during the phase you’re in now. It will be over before you know it.


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My first day at PAE is less than three months away!


Wasn’t me in that Skyhawk, but we do have a couple guys getting ready for their private pilot checkrides at the moment, so I’m sure it was one of them. Glad you approve, Tory! :+1:

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I’m sure we’ll cross paths eventually!


Probably. Pretty sure they were doing pattern work when we left.



Next time, let’s connect. I’ll need someone to meet me at the front door to let me in.


Ah, shoot. I’m actually not going to be around too much longer. I took a CFI job on the other side of the state to be closer to family. If you’re going to be at PAE in the next couple days, I’d love to connect. Otherwise, we could maybe get together if you’re ever at GEG, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be as convenient for either of us.

You’re leaving?! :wink: