Coast Flight Training

Hi all
Checking in to see if anyone knows much about Coast Flight training in San Diego. I am plan is to become a pilot for the regional airline and then continue to the majors. Has anyone attended this program at Coast flight and if so, what was your experience.
Thanks Garrett


I am not familiar with Coast Flight Training, but I can say that their website is very high on cool looking graphics and very low on details. I would do some serious investigation before spending any money there, but of course you should do this with any school anyways. Check out this link: Questions For Any Prospective Flight School


I personally don’t like deceptive advertising. Not a fan of their “Quickest to industry with employment in just 9 months”. They mean 9 mos to CFI (which they don’t include as part of the training). I also like how they quote 747 pay when virtually no airlines fly 747’s anymore.