Cockpit Size

So this might be a weird question, but I am curious about the size of cockpits. I am on the tall side (6’2", 190lbs.) and am wondering how well I will fit into a regional jet? How do cockpits in RJs compare to mainline aircraft? I’ve flown my fair share of economy on RJs, and I definitely hope the cockpit is roomier than that…


The cockpits are by no means spacious. I flew the Embraer 145 and I had to crawl into my seat (I am 5’11 tall). The 737 is bigger, but not by much. The 757 and 767 have rather large cockpits.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, I fly with plenty of taller guys and they seem to fit in just fine.


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I share the same “problem”.

I’m 6’4" and I need to tilt my head just a little bit to stand up in the CRJ, but sitting in the cockpit is fine. When you move on into an RJ from flight instructing in a 172, trust me you will feel like a king…



So I have the opposite problem… I’m 5’2". Will I have to travel with a booster seat?!? Lol

I have seen some shorter pilots carry a foam seat pad to sit on, it seems to help.