College after being a pilot

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My name is Tania.

Thank you so much for this amazing website that answered almost all my questions !!

I’m sorry if my question was already asked, but I checked into the forum and didn’t find the answer I was looking for.

I’m in the beginning of the process of starting my PPL (currently looking for schools, doing introductory flights, and saving money !). I saw and read that a college degree is required to fly with major airlines, which I don’t have.

I would like to start by flying regional first and would love to fly major, my problem is that I’m not ready to go to college because I have no idea what kind of degree I would like. I read on the website that aviation degrees are less recommended…

As per your experience, would it be something feasible to start by flying with regional, then do a degree and apply for major after the degree ?

Your recommendations are really appreciate !

Thank you very much.


With all due respect not only has this question been asked and answered, it was it the very last post as well as almost daily. I’m not telling you that you reprimand or berate you in any way but simply to say if you truly did look you’ll definitely need to beef up your study habits since a tremendous amount of aviation training is reliant on self study, particularly when you get to the airline level.

To answer your question, yes, not only can you but it’s become a very common practice.


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Thank you Adam,

After just posting my comment I found the answer ! Sorry about that and thank you for your time.


No sorry needed Tanya. Just saying :slight_smile:


And you are totally right ! And a good advice is always welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for this great website.

Fly safe !


While we do not specifically recommend aviation degrees, we do not recommend against them either. For many people like yourself, an aviation degree is appropriate as you can generally get a fair number of credits for your aviation licenses at many schools.

If your goal is purely to fly for the airlines, I would not really about what you major in, I would just worry about obtaining your degree.


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Thank you very much for your answer Chris !