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College credit hours for FAA certificates

Hey, I was reading this segment of the website, College Credit for Airline Career Pilot Students / ATP Flight School. I was wondering does every school accept this? I remember in the past someone telling me about Liberty online. If every school does, how many hours are you getting roughly.


Not every school will give you credit for your licenses and ratings. It’s generally only schools that offer aviation degrees because the licenses and ratings would be applicable to those degrees. Last I heard the max is about 30 credits, provided you have all the ratings included in the program.



You will need to contact individual schools and ask them what they accept. One can safely bet that Harvard, Yale and Notre Dame will not accept pilot credits, while schools that offer aviation degrees probably will.

Of the colleges that do, most award around 30 hours for flight training. The schools that ATP mentions, Embry Riddle and Utah Valley University are the ones that ATP works most closely with and are likely to award the highest amount of college credits for flight training.



As Chris and Adam said, most universities that offer aviation degrees will award around 30-34 college credits for FAA Licenses and Ratings. I’d recommend contacting the universities’ admissions departments that you’re considering to see what they would accept!