College Loan Repayment

Hello, I am currently considering ATP after I graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the fall. I have some student loans from this. If I do start ATP, will I be able to defer these loan repayments due to ATP being education-related? Does ATP qualify as this type of school? Thanks, Ayden

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This is also something I’ve wondered.



I believe you should be but that really is a question for your lender. Regardless most lenders are more than happy to let you defer (or make interest only payments) as that simply means they make more.



I know if you have Federal Student Loans that are outstanding and did not take a forbearance, you should qualify for up to 10 forbearance terms (i.e., mine last 6-months each). After I graduated college, I started payment, but since starting ATP have politely asked my loan servicer for a forbearance. I plan to continue payments on my Federal Student loans once I am at a regional airline.

Regardless, you will want to reach out to your loan service provider for more information.