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College or?

Do I need to have an actual degree to attend ATP? Will it look better if I do? I have one years worth of credits but at the time realized I couldn’t afford it. I’m going back for another year, should I be focusing on getting a degree, or just getting the 60 credits to attend ATP?


You need two years of college experience, not a degree itself. I would focus on taking classes that will eventually contribute to you getting a bachelor’s degree, I would not worry about picking up an associate’s degree along the way.



Your call and as Chris said either the 2yr degree or the 60 of credit will suffice for admittance to ATP. Personally however I disagree regarding getting a degree or not. While the Majors want a 4yr degree (at least for now?), other than getting into ATP, 60 credits is well, 60 credits. A 2yr degree is a degree. It demonstrates you’ve accomplished something. The applications all say Education: 4yr BA, 2yr AA, Some college, High School and the 2yr degree is a notch above “some college”. If I were on a hiring panel I’d definitely lean towards the degree.