College Student graduating in 2022

Hi! I will be graduating from Boston College in May of 2022. I was just wondering the timeline of when I should start applying to ATP flight schools? I want to start as soon as I can after graduation and also apply as soon as I can so I know I have it lined up for when I graduate.

I also would love to take the written exams before starting. Would it be a good idea for me to complete those this summer (right before Senior year?). I have 0 experience with flying.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m currently looking into locations in Cali and Florida but am open to anywhere! I would love a warm climate having come from Boston.

Thank you!!!


The approval/acceptance process is fairly straightforward. The biggest thing is you want to secure the date and location (so you get what to want), 3-6mos seems to work well. Gives you plenty of time to complete your writtens, get your medical, secure financing etc.

As for the writtens the thing to keep in mind is they expire after 24mos if you haven’t taken the practical. If you complete them all the summer prior and start a year later with the program running 9mos you should be ok? Problem is should you delay your start or if there’s any significant delays in your training you risk having to repeat an exam or 2. I would probably wait till I was a little closer to the start time but your call.



I would apply about six months in advance, this should give you plenty of time to work out the financing.

I see nothing wrong with completing the writtens over the summer. Just make sure that studying for them does not interfere with your existing college obligations.

Let us know how else we can help you along the way.


I believe you can pick your start as far as 9 months in advance. With that being said, I think 3-6 months ahead is perfect. The admissions process is quick, tour&intro flight, securing your loan and putting down a deposit. That whole process could be complete in a week. From then you would select your start date and receive a box with all your textbooks and other supplies as well as access to King schools to help you prepare for your PAR written. The more writtens you can knock out ahead of time, the better off you’ll be but college comes first until you graduate!


Thanks so much for the information! I’ll probably reach out to the places that interest me this summer and see what they say in terms of earliest I can apply. As long as I can start within a few months of graduating that works for me. I didn’t realize they provided you with all the textbooks so I’ll also make sure not to buy those myself!


ATP strives very hard to make sure that the student experience is very similar, if not identical, across all of the locations. I would simply pick a location that is convenient for you and not give it any further thought.