Being a pilot has been my dream job for as long as I can remember. I have been researching it a lot lately because I am about to turn 17, and I need to start getting things together. While doing a school project on airline pilots, I read that most of them have some type of college degree, even if it is not in a related field. The University I live near has an aviation program and even has their own airport, so I’ve been wondering if getting a college degree in their program would help me out in the field.

Hello Bella,

As you discovered yes the majority of airline pilots do have college degrees. While the Regionals don’t require one the many Majors do (and those that don’t always show a preference to having one). While most have degrees, I’d say less than half have degrees in aviation. First off it’s the degree the airlines want but they’re not overly concerned as to the field of study. Second I personally believe it’s a good idea to perhaps study something other then aviation that you have an interest in just in case you change your mind or things don’t quite work out as a pilot. Ultimately it’s your decision and if you truly love the field and for some reason you decide not to be a pilot there are other jobs at the airlines. I just don’t like putting all my eggs into one basket.