Colleges with Fixed Wing Aviation Programs

I would like to start flying by going to a college with an aviation related degree. I’m hoping for a list of colleges that most pilots graduated from and became pilots. I don’t think ATP will work for me because of how fast paced it is.

Thank you


As you may or may not be aware this forum was created by ATP. That’s not to say all are not welcome it’s simply that all of the mentors and most contributors are ATP students or alumni. I can tell you the vast majority of pilots I know who didn’t go to ATP went to Embry Riddle, UND, or Kent State (and all are still complaining about the expense). A simple Google search will give you a more complete list.

My question for you however is if you don’t think you can handle the fast pace of ATP, what makes you believe you can handle actual airline training?



I hate to say it, but if you think that ATP will be too fast paced for you, then you should be rather worried about the airlines as they train at an even faster pace. Nine months is really not all that bad. In comparison, I went through Airbus 320 upgrade training recently, I had four weeks to both learn a new airplane and learn how to be a captain. That is fast paced.