I just discovered that I have no chance to pass the Ishihara colorblindness test. I always knew that I have difficulty in distinguishing red and green colors but I wasn’t aware of the extent of my problem until now.
I did some research and I realized that the FAA gives one last chance to those with color vision deficiency through SLT and OCVT tests.
Well I am not totally colorblind I mean I can distinguish green from red in flowers, grass, trafficlights etc. but in the Ishihara test I cannot see the number in any of the plates! Do I have any chance to pass the SLT and OCVT tests? Can I try a simulation of those tests at ATP before I enroll in any of the training classes?


We have absolutely no way of knowing what vision tests you may or but be capable of passing. This is something you’ll have to figure out with your AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) and a vision specialist. Not ATP.



This is the guidelines AME’s use. It lists a bunch of approved tests. Feel free to take a look. However, it’s best if you make an appointment with an AME to discuss your options and next steps.