Comm Multi and SE passed

Hello all! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I passed my Comm Multi and SE last week. I did bust (my first bust) on the power 180 for the Comm SE. It was the last maneuver and I am kicking myself because I should have simply extended my downwind longer and extended full flaps sooner. It was completely fair that I failed because of it. I really wanted to go to CFI school with a clean record, but I just have to learn from it and use it to build humility and character. I’ve had a great experience here in Denver. I’ll be starting CFI school in Phoenix, January 7th.

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Safe to say nobody wants a bust, ever, but they do happen. Shake it off and move forward.

Congrats on your CPL.



Sorry about the bust, but congratulations on becoming a commercial pilot!!


Nice job Lynn! Let us know how CFI school goes.

Thanks petter. Interesting that we never ran into each other at Denver. Any suggestions for CFI school?

Any chance I could get a copy of those power points as well?



Haha, dang. Now I’m trying to go through all the people I’ve met and figure it out. What a mystery you’ve created. I don’t have Dropbox but I’ll get it. My email is

Please tell me it’s not Spiderman and the Hulk…


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Peter Banning…clever. The character of one of my favorite movies. Had me fooled.


That would be more palatable :slight_smile:


HA! Well played, Tony. :rofl:

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One of my favorite movies of all time, and criminally underrated. Very few people get the reference. Thanks Tory!

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Thanks a ton!

Please share with me as well!

Thanks in advance.

Pls share with me as well if you don’t mind…

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Can you please email me a copy as well? My email is

Please share with me also.

Congrats on the checkrides. That’s quite the turnaround for a Comm ME and SE. I have to wait 28 days for a Comm SE checkride due to DPE availability and the holidays. Start CFI school on the 14th if all goes well with Comm SE. Good luck!

Congrats on the pass, Lynn! I have my comm single add-on tomorrow. I’m in the Jan 7th CFI class too so I’ll see you at Mesa.


Hey there, could I get a copy too? It’s - Thanks.