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Commerce background

I am from Nepal recently staying in US. I am a citizen of Nepal but I have a permanent resident card(green card).
I graduate my High School from Nepal but from commerce background. Also I am little weak in English but just a little.
I have a dream to be an airline pilot from my childhood. Now I came to the land where there is alot of opportunities.
That is why I feel like I can fulfill my dreams. But I don’t know what I need to do to start studying pilot. It is okay that I am not a science student? What is the first thing that I need to do? Is there any help that I can get for financing?
It would be greatful if I get my answers step by step.
Thank You


There is no prerequisite field of study to be a pilot. You simply need the desire and the resources. Unfortunately aviation is expensive and still considered a “luxury” so there is no financial aid other than student loans. You don’t mention if you have any flight experience or any education beyond High School? If you’ve never flown I strongly recommend you take a flight to make certain it’s something you want to pursue. While the Regional airlines do not require a degree, the Majors do and so does ATP to begin flight training. My best recommendation if you don’t have degree is to finish your education (earn a degree), work hard on your English as that’s a requirement to fly ANYWHERE in the world and then begin your flight training after.