Commercial Checkride Failure

A DPE said he failed me because I did an IFR flight plan (I am IFR rated) instead of a VFR flight plan and it was IFR conditions as well. He didn’t specify which type of flight plan he wanted. Is this correct?


You need to discuss this with your DPE and the instructor that signed you off for the checkride. It sounds like there could be more to this miscommunication.


Thank You. I will do that.


Not to point fingers or make assumptions, but in the Commercial ACS under Preflight Preparation (I) task Cross-Country Flight Planning (D), it does say verbatim:

“To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with cross-country flights and VFR flight planning.”

Was there discussion with the DPE at the time regarding your question? If you completed your ratings in 2021 [I seen months ago on a previous posting], did your instructor question as well? The only other thing I would say is contact the FSDO and inquire, I don’t see why the DPE couldn’t have had you put together a quick VFR flight plan.



The commercial checkride is a VFR checkride. It would be impossible to complete the required maneuvers in IMC conditions.


I appreciate all the feedback. Looks like I deserve the failure. Attention to details is important and I missed it. Thanks again.