Commit to fly

Hello Everyone, My name is Elijah.
I recently got out the military and have been looking to start my career in aviation. With all that’s going on in the airlines (pilot shortages), I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a commit to fly program or has heard of it. Essentially the airline pays for your flight training if you have a contractual obligation to fly for them. I’m trying to explore all options as far as paying for flight school as my GI bill may not cover all of the required training. I’ve also been researching if there is any grants/scholarships out there for aspiring pilots? To my luck I haven’t found much but any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time reading and responding!


Unfortunately you probably won’t. Here’s the thing, there’s a physical component to flying and a coordination factor as well. The airlines are very reluctant to offer scholarships, commitments etc because frankly there’s no way of them knowing if you have the aptitude and ability to fly until you actually do. What many do offer is Tuition Reimbursement AFTER the fact but that’s only after you’ve completed your training and they know who and what they’re getting.

As for your VA benefits, my understanding is they will only pay a certain amount per year which will drag the process out ultimately costing you potential income and more important seniority which givens everything at the airlines.