Communting, cat and career change


This is my first time posting, but like many on here I’m currently considering a major change. Right now I’m a CPA, 33 and have my Masters in accounting. Couple of questions regarding commuting if I get hired by a regional. Right now I live in the Buffalo area which seems not to be a home base for any airline. As currently I’m single I would prefer to remain in the area once I get hired for, and I know this may sound silly, my cat. My family is happy to look after my cat if I wish to pursue this career change whenever I’m away for the job. Given that I would then likely end up commuting how likely would it be that any of the bases close to me, Boston, NY, Cinncinati, and Detriot could be my home base? Also how do crash pads work?


People all have their own reasons for commuting, but for the stress, time and lost wages that you will endure commuting, I think you should look into a cat sitter near where your eventual base is.

That being said, it is generally pretty easy to be based in the NYC area, it is a junior base for a lot of airlines. The others that you mentioned will be harder as they have less airlines that are based there, but they are probably all doable if you pick the right airline.

Crashpads are generally houses or apartments that a group of pilots or flight attendants go in on together. They typically are full of beds, some have “hot beds” where you just take any available bed, others have assigned beds. Think of an Army dormitory and you will have a pretty good idea. As a female pilot, you will most likely end up in a crashpad with flight attendants as many crashpads are gender specific and there are simply not enough female pilots to support a female pilot crashpad.

I would give serious thought to this whole cat thing, but hey, it is your choice.



You need to accept the fact that whether you’re commuting or not, as an airline pilot you will be away from home at least half the month, often more than that. If you have people to look after your cat then it should be fine but know you may get the cold shoulder after 4-5 days away :wink:


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