Commuting policy

I was reading some requirements on commenting and came across the below.

Commuter Policy requires only two scheduled flights on any airline in either the jumpseat or cabin seat to get to work with out discipline
Commuters: If the last leg of a trip is a deadhead, you can have it changed to a positive space deadhead home instead

Can someone help explain this in simple terms? I assume the first one says you can only have two legs to get to your base. But the second one I’m not sure.


I had to read this a couple of times to figure it out, but I think I got it.

A deadhead is a non-rev flight…you’re a passenger that flies for free in
other words.

Let’s assume you’re based in LAX, but you live in San Diego. So, if the
last leg of your trip is a deadhead back to LAX, you can have it changed so
that your deadhead takes you home to San Diego instead.



Tory got the second one but let clarify the first. Not all airlines have commuter policies and they can vary from airline to airline. The example you gave is basically saying you have to show that there were at least 2 flights to get you to your base on time for work, that were full and you were unable to get on, for you to not face any discipline. The airlines that don’t have any commuter policy it’s simply you show up or you’re in trouble.



Is this something you can see senior pilots do that commute on their bids? Or does your bid always have to end at your base?


Pilots at all levels of seniority commute, you can’t tell it by how they bid, because commuting is done on the pilot’s own time. Our trips almost always start and end at our base, if they don’t then they start or end with a deadhead to or from the base.