Company Programs

Good afternoon , my name is Greg(ory) Wilson , I am a former Aviation Electrician for the Navy but has since been driving 18 wheeler trucks . I am more than interested in becoming a pilot and was wondering if there were any company paid training programs to help me reach this amazing career . Prior to obtaining my CDL , PAM Transport paid for my schooling as long as I drove for them for 1 year , I drove for them for almost 5 years ! I say that in wondering if there were an aviation program similar to this to help me accomplish my dream career , I belong in the sky ! Thank you in advance

             V/r Greg Wilson


Unfortunately there only one I’m aware of and that’s the United Aviate program. I say unfortunately because that program is geared more towards younger financially challenged individuals and there are very few, very competitive slots available for literally tens of thousands of applicants. The main reason for this is that flight training is expensive and frankly not every one is successful.

The good news is many of the Regionals often Tuition Reimbursement after your training to help offset the costs.



These program are different that what you speak of in the trucking industry, but are the closest you will find in aviation: