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I was told that pilots who look for jobs out of flight school Cannot compete with pilots who are out of the military for airline jobs. I was wondering if this was true or not. Thank you.

Hi Kalika and Welcome!

You know I was told the same thing. In fact I had been told you HAD to be former military to work for the airlines. Truth is it just ain’t so. Do the airlines like military pilots? Of course they do. They’re well trained, have demonstrated their ability and commitment and have served their country (what’s not to like?), but the fact is there simply aren’t enough to go around. After WWII air transport exploded and that’s where most of the pilots came from. These days a) the military isn’t producing as many pilots and b) many remain in the military and make it a career. Statistics vary by source but the average state currently it’s about 70/30 civilian trained pilots vs military.

Short answer, it’s not an issue.


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Thank you so much for the information and the quick response. I appreciate it.

Thank you! I appreciate the help.