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Concerns as a newbie

Good day my fellow colleagues,
My name is Fiyin, i’m Nigerian, and flying has always been my dream, but never had the opportunity till i moved to the united states, i recently took my discover flight with the JCFS (Jefferson City Flying Service) in Jefferson city Missouri and now i’m looking to go fully into being a pilot.
I have few questions on my mind,
1. How diversified are your students?
2. What to expect?
3. How do i go from zero to being one of the best pilots?
4. How many people are looking to begin this journey as well from zero just like me?
5. What type of medicals is required?

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I’ll be happy to answer your questions, but before I do you should know that in order to fly in the US you need to be either a US citizen or have permanent resident status. Are you a permanent resident or do you have the means to acquire permanent residency?

  1. ATP doesn’t keep track of diversity statistics. Can you be more specific?
  2. See the FAQ section and ATP’s website
  3. See 2
  4. Don’t know the exact number, do you have concerns about being able to complete the program?
  5. A first class medical certificate is required. You can apply for one online and book an appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner. To find an AME nearest you visit the FAA’s website or Google should suffice.




Welcome to the forums. Let’s get to your questions.

  1. No idea. ATP treats everybody the same, regardless of race, gender, nationality, etc. They do not keep records of such things as they view each person individually, not as part of a statistic.

  2. That is a very open ended question. Please look through this forum, particularly the FAQ section and the Student Experiences section for more detail on this.

  3. See answer #2

  4. The majority of ATP’s students start with zero flight time.

  5. A FAA First Class Medical is required.



thanks for your feedback, i do have a permanent residency card and just wanted to be sure that i was going to be taught in a place where everyones differences are respected.

Yes, of course. In the off chance that you have any issues, address them with management immediately.