Confused on the path to take, please help!

I hope this doesn’t turn into a rant, but heres my situation/story. Im a 20 year old going to school at an A&P school associated with Ivy Tech. I have one year left and I will graduate with my associates and my A&P license. I also have recently secured a job at my local FBO and have been flight training through a Part 61 school located on the same airfield as the FBO and A&P school i’m working/attending. My end goal is to get to the airlines and I always saw being an A&P as my financial outlet to get there. I have a passion for flying not working on aircraft though it is a fantastic career. My plan had always been to become an A&P for a couple of years to pay my way through my flight training, but have recently been regretting it. Every-time I can afford to go flying (currently have 35hrs) I re-realize that this is the only thing I could see myself doing in the future. I need some advice on what others would do in a similar situation. Should I power through the next year get my A&P then go to a college with a 141 program to get my CFI. Or join the A&P industry and pay my way through so I have no loans? I understand this is my life and i am the only one who can make my decisions, but i’m just overwhelmed and not sure of the direction to take and would appreciate some input, thanks:)


How about C) finish school to get your A&P and Associates (it’s a solid backup) then get the loan, get your licenses and ratings at an accelerated school like ATP. You’ll be at an airline in 3yrs. While at the Regional with credit from your AS degree and your licenses and ratings to get your bachelors quick and cheap and hopefully get to a Major.

Whatcha think?



Paying your way through flight training will take too long. I suggest beginning flight training after graduation from A&P school.

There are a lot of different flight schools out there so choose wisely. I’m not a big fan of aviation universities, but I’m not you. If you think it’s the way to go, then by all means. Your 4-year degree doesn’t have to be in aviation. You don’t need a 4-year to be hired at a regional either. If you want you can postpone your 4-year and finish it online while flying for a regional. That will allow you to start training sooner and potentially get your training done quicker if you attend the right school.


I think that’s a great plan, thanks for the input Adam!

Thanks Tory, your right the sooner the better. I will have to look around at my options, but agree that I need to go straight into flight training after graduation. Have you had a personal experience with Part 141 universities?

I received all of my ratings through a part 61 syllabus.

The pros and cons of part 141 and 61 as well as aviation colleges have been discussed at great length on the forum.