Just a quick question, I wear contacts… will this be a problem in becoming a pilot?

Thank you ahead of time as always!

Happy flying!


As long as your vision is “correctable” to 20/20 distance (20/40 near) you’re money. You’ll simply have a note on your medical and you’ll also be required to keep an actual pair of glasses with you just in case. Not a problem at all. I’d say there are as many pilots flying with glasses as there are without.



I have flown with glasses for almost my entire career. I also have blepharitis and a slight irregular astigmatism. As I am able to see 20/20 with corrective lenses I have never had a problem maintaining my First Class Medical. I will add that the requirements for military pilots (just in case you were thinking of going that route) are very different and contacts or glasses might be an issue there.


Chris and Adam,

Thank you both for your quick responses. I am planning a career as a commercial pilot so no military. I just want to say how much this forum is helping me with making my decisions and being able to connect with actual pilots makes it all the better!

Thank you again, if I come up with another question I know where I will go with it before anywhere else.

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Glad we could help. Keep the questions coming!