Contractor Jobs

Hello! Can anyone give some insight of the life of contractor pilots? I have some good connections with a company flying KingAirs and PC12 in Africa and the Middle East and it is appealing. Still have a year or two to go before I can hit the competitive hour requirements but have any of you airline guys had any experience in this area? Thanks!


Contractor jobs vary a great deal from fantastic to lousy. If you have “good connections” I suggest you ask them for the specifics.



I do not hav e any experience in this area, but I did have a sim partner once that had just left a contractor job in Afghanistan to come to United Airlines. He did enjoy the contract job, said the pay was good, but he was living in Afghanistan. Not knocking the place, but it is not exactly Santa Barbara. His long term girlfriend had finally told him that he either needed to find a job stateside or find a new girlfriend.

But for somebody that is unattached, there can be some really cool opportunities out there.