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Corporate Aviation


I was just wondering if ATP was still a smart choice if I was more interested in corporate aviation? And is there any help with job placement like there is with your regional partners? Thanks for your time.


The training for the airlines, cargo, corporate, etc all starts out exactly the same. All of the licenses and ratings are exactly the same, all the way through getting your ATP. Once you are hired to fly a jet of any sort that company, be it an airline or a corporate flight department, will provide aircraft specific training.

Corporate flight departments can be very hard to get into and often require very high flight times. If you want to go the corporate route you might find that you need to go to a regional airline to build experience first.

ATP is not able to provide placement assistance as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of corporate flight departments across the US and they hire very infrequently. I would plan on at least starting your career at a regional airline.


Thanks a lot Chris, that’s exactly what I was looking for.