Corporate flying?

Hey everyone. My airline is offering an ab initio program where once we complete our training we could be hired by one of three corporate partners. Then once we have built up enough hours we can apply for an open FO position. I don’t want to assume that I would have any better if a chance getting hired as an FO because I’m going through the program as someone off the streets, but we would be assigned a mentor pilot and have biannual visits to headquarters. So with that being said I would like any opinions you may have. For me flying with any of the majors would be awesome but at my age (47) I understand that may not happen and although I’m not really okay with I accept it knowing that my flying career will be about half the time as most. My concern with this is that I don’t really know much about corporate flying, and I wouldn’t be flying with a regional and building my seniority and maybe working for one that has a flow through program.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Corporate flying can mean anything from right seat in a Navajo flying 100nm between an airport and the owner’s house and flying a Global Express around the world. You need to get more info on those “corporate partners” and the type of flying they do. Further at 47 I’d want to know the length of that ab initio training being offered as you don’t have time to waste.

You need details.



What is the name of the airline you are talking about?

As for corporate flying, while it can certainly be good, those pilots don it fly nearly the amount of flight hours that regional pilots do and they certainly do not operate in the airline environment. The best way to position yourself to be an airline pilot, is to be an airline pilot.


4-5 years from start to SWA

1 of 2 time building routes: CFI or 135 (JetLinx, Aerogroup, XOJet)

I’m not sure on any of the details. Plenty of info on the website.

Thanks guys. Jordan is correct with the Airline I work for and the corporate partners. Southwest is a great company and I haven’t talked to a pilot who is unhappy here, so part of me says if there’s a chance to fly here then do it. On the other hand I am looking my age and know I don’t all the time I the world to build up my hours then start over with a major airline (seniority wise if I can get Hired.)

I think I’ll reach out to the three companies and try and get a better idea of their schedules.