Cost of ATP Flight School

Hello, my name is Kyle and I am 20 years old. I am on here to ask just a few questions on the cost of attending ATP Flight School, and how obtainable for someone with no experience.

So, I’ve had an interest in flying for a while but never knew how to accomplish that until I came across ATP. The only thing I haven’t seen on a discussion board or anywhere I can find is pricing. Is this on the level of a 4 year university or a 2 year local school?

Also, I have no prior flight knowledge, but really wanting to learn. I read that ATP takes people from zero to hero, but what percent of students are like me with little to no experience and pass? Is it just as obtainable for someone new to flying to get their license as it is for a person that is maybe more familiar with planes?

Last, just want to ask how to schedule an introduction flight? I see and hear that is the first thing that you must do.

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Welcome to the forum. If you head over to ATP’s official site there you will find the answers to all of your questions:

ATP has two programs, starting from zero flight experience or starting with a PPL. I believe that the majority of the students start with zero experience. Last I checked the pass rate was around 80% which is above the national average. So, yes. It’s possible. That said, ATP’s program is very difficult because of it’s fast paced nature.



Pricing info is here: Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School, just keep scrolling down until you see it.

Admission flight info is here: Admissions Flight / ATP Flight School



The others shared links, the hard truth is that ATP has been in busy for 35+ years and operates across the nation with more than 70 locations. ATP’s success rate across the board has been notably recognized across flying magazines and it shows.

I agree with Tory that a majority of those coming into the program have little to no experience, but there is a good mix of those that do have at least a Private Pilot License. Learning to fly is not easy for most, but with what comes with challenge, comes reward. :slight_smile:


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