Cost v. Time: Veteran looking for Advice

Hello everyone,

Let me start by thanking you all for your time and apologizing for the wall of text to follow.

My name is Brock, I’m a six-year USAF enlisted aviator who is separating next spring. Aviation has been a passion of mine my entire life, and I’m looking for a bit of help deciding on what would be my best path to the cockpit.

I’m really torn right now between taking my GI bill and going to a part 141 school (likely UND) or biting the financial bullet and committing to ATP. It is really tough to turn down having the vast majority of the expenses paid for by a part 141 school, including a monthly housing stipend. That said I’ll be 28 when I separate, and I can’t shake the feeling that because of my age I’m late to the party and my window of opportunity is closing. Taking four years (plus another two time-building) is a difficult pill to swallow when I compare it to ATP’s program. As I understand it life at the regionals is as good as it’s ever been, and I’m worried about that wave crashing by the time I’d get there.

That said, the cost of ATP is frankly a little terrifying to a soon-to-be unemployed staff sergeant with a wife who has minor medical needs. We’ll have her income, but our quality of life will take a pretty drastic hit until I’m a couple years deep in a regional. But the more I read about the quality and intensity of ATP the more I feel like I would thrive in the program. The guaranteed instructor workload and deep partnerships with the airlines is something I’ve yet to find at any other school.

Am I being foolish to favor ATP when I have a -much- cheaper option available? I would love to hear your thoughts, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the mentorship on these forums.

Again thank you very much for your time, and fly safe.


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