Could I manage the applications?

Hi. I’m a 20 year old British organist, living in Germany (fluent in German) and I’m really considering changing career paths and going to my other love in life, aviation.

I’m currently studying my Bachelor of Music and have 2 years left of my course.

My question is: what kind of aptitude tests would I be looking at if I went to a company’s application for training? I’d love to do it so I need to know the sort of level I need to be at, so I can practise!



I wish I could help but here in the US we have no such aptitude testing or anything of the kind (perhaps we should?). While we do on occasion get some Europeans on here I think you’d be better off posting on or one of the more international sites as this one predominantly deals with training in the US.



This website is run by US based pilots and is geared towards helping US based potential pilots achieve their goals. As such, our answers are tailored towards the US aviation industry.

In this country, most of the airlines don’t really give aptitude tests. In the past they did, but those days have gone and gone. I am not sure what the various European airlines do, it would be best to check with some resources in those countries.


Thanks very much to both of you, this really is an awesome thing you guys do, helping future and current pilots!

At least I know even if I don’t pass one of the tests I could land (sorry!) a job in the US!

Many thanks!

We do have some tests here to you know :slight_smile: