Covid-19 affecting schools

So with covid-19 showing its face literally everywhere… I am wondering how is this affecting the schools to learn how to fly?.. I was considering of going to a flight school and learn how to fly…but with the virus that won’t to go away for a while I’m might just have to put that on hold until it’s safe to proceed on what I want to be doing… hope everyone is safe out there as well and hope to see you in the sky soon :airplane:

Well for me, my flight school stopped flight training until May 1st but of course that could change. So I’m back at my parent’s house relaxing but chair flying and studying as well to make sure that my knowledge and procedures stay within ACS standards because once the dust settles I’ll be up for my checkride. There’s a lot of guesses as to when this will all blow over but I’m honestly not worrying about it and just riding the wave. As for whether or not you should start flight training or not, I think it depends on whether or not the school you are trying to fly at is taking new students or still flying. For me personally, I was continuing to progress throughout all of this but as I mentioned in the first sentence that plan didn’t last too long. The mentors can probably give you a more concrete answer on this but I figured I’d give my two cents. Good luck to you man


Al’Vincent covered it well. If the school’s open, get to it. If the school’s closed, not much you can do.

The reason for suggesting not to delay your training (if possible) is because waiting only puts you further behind everyone else on the same path to the airlines. That said this is also a big decision and everyone should make their own assessment.


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Most of ATP’s locations are open and functioning normally (but with extra precautions of course).