Credit Private Starting Point Question

I have secured a start date for ATP in November. I will be starting at credit private, but I have never done any spin training. Is that part of the ATP curriculum? Also, I have also trained entirely on analog/steam gauges and have minimal experience with G1000-equipped aircraft. Is this seen as a common hiccup point for students in my position?


Spin training is not part of private training, so you have not missed a thing. I would not worry about the steam gauges either, in some ways I think that is really good experience that will benefit you. You will be able to pick up the G1000 easily, I would. not worry about this.

Welcome to ATP :slight_smile:



I’m with Chris on this. Going from glass to steam can be challenging, the other way is not.



You will do your spin training come CFI Academy, it is an endorsement that allows you to teach and demonstrate spins. It honestly is not that bad, when you get to the time you will feel a bit - maybe anxious, but after the first one you get the little boost that it’s just like an amusement park ride… just like a couple thousand feet above the ground.

I conducted my private training (outside of ATP) with steam gauges and transitioned into glass panel. In today’s day and age, technology we’ve been using makes it easy to transition. The G1000 is not touchscreen :wink: .